First things first: by registering you automatically comply to these rules, regardless of if you read them or not. Punishment for breaking these rules may be a warning e-mail, points removal, or even deletion of your account and any other accounts that sign up under your IP.

1) Attacking this website is not apart of the challenge, and you'll just be attacking Cloudflare anyways. Attacking does not include tools like nmap, but does include actions like DDOS'ing, etc. Attacking the website also counts as denying other users access to a challenge, which means extra punishment!

2) As stated in Rule 1, if you in any way deny a user access to a challenge, you will be punished.

3) If you look around in the sitemap, or bruteforce URLs, that is NOT counted as cheating or attacking the website.

4) Do NOT share flags across users. This is a solo CTF, no teams.

5) You must solve these problems yourself. No hints or help from outside sources. This includes any staff of Luma Development/Sapphire CTF. No hints.